Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sick Kids and Ink

Well, Parker is sick again. He has some respiratory issue. Reactive Air way Dis (, to be exact. At least, that's what the discharge sheet says. My wife told me the doctor never came in to discuss his diagnosis. In fact, I knew the diagnosis before she did because I looked at the discharge sheet before she did. It irritates me that the ER doc didn't talk to them. I can understand that they are busy, but it shouldn't be the patient's responsibility to hit the web to find out what "Reactive Airway Disease" is. (It's when a child cannot breathe well, btw. Not necessarily asthma, but similar. I'm hoping more acute than asthma as well.) I'm sure he'll be fine, he has his regular 3-year checkup in the morning, perhaps his doctor can fill us in.

Also, in totally unrelated news, I finally started using Sumocat's ( Build 52 ( for my Ink Blogging. I've known of it for some time, just never tried using it fit now. It's awesome!

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